Magical Oil

posted by Alanna Davey on 2012.03.27, under Anti-aging, Beauty, Food, LuvZ

About a month ago I was very privileged to learn about Argan oil and its amazing healing properties. It prevents wrinkles, softens and moisturizes skin, lips, and hair instantly, it makes scars disappear, and it heals skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.

So I tried Essence of Argan which is 100% pure and comes from the highest quality fruit. For the last 4 weeks I have been using it on my face and neck, and I have noticed a smoother softer texture, and a more even tone.  The little acne scars I had on my chin  which were like little purple pits are almost invisible now, hooray!  And they have also smoothed out considerably.  Even better than that… I got IDed on the weekend when I bought wine:)

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Naturally Nude Skincare

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.04.26, under Anti-aging, Beauty, LuvZ

UK based eco company Nude sparked my interest when I read about their skincare products in O magazine, and you know when the big O gets behind something it has got to be good.   Not only does the line use organic and fair-trade ingredients as much as possible, the plastic capsule that the cream is housed in is ECO plastic too. I ordered the cleansing oil, the hydrating mist, the age defense moisturizer and the replenishing night time oil from Sephora…will let you know my results in a couple of weeks.


Get a $30 Neck Lift

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.04.07, under Anti-aging, Beauty

I was going to do a little video for you this morning on how you can plump your lips without injections or sloppy lip gloss, but I woke up with a huge pimple on my chin, maybe next week:P  Instead I thought I would show you an apparatus that makes neck firming and toning a breeze.  If you have been blessed with a weak chin like me, you might like this product.  Not only does it tighten under your chin it strengthen your neck muscles all over to give the whole area a lift.  I bought mine at Home Outfitters…weird, but you can purchase one online here.


Running Girls Rejoice

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.02.12, under Anti-aging, Fitness, LuvZ

Running is daunting task in itself,  but add some boobs into the equation and it’s a whole nother ball game.  How do you stop them from bouncing up and down?  Are they going to get saggy?  I am not an avid runner, but when I have done it in the past to whip into shape, I would wear two sports bras: one forward, and a racer back backward to brace my c/d’s.

The Shock Absorber, touted the ultimate sports bra has our breasts figured out.  Did you know that they actually move in a ‘figure eight’ motion?  Well the innovators behind the Shock Absorber do, the bra actually reduces this motion by 74%(less bounce less sag right?).  On top of sag proofing your boobs you get a bra made of a sweat wicking material to keep you cool, and a seamless construction to keep you comfy, not to mention a super sweet price tag. Get your Shock Absorber in white or black at The Bay for only $69.00.

Another Natural Lift

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.01.15, under Anti-aging, Beauty

When if comes to aging: you can let it happen how mother nature intended, or you can do it gracefully with a little help.  There are a number of procedures out there that can help you do this in a less invasive way.    And cosmetic acupuncture is one of them; it’s a great alternative to botox and facial fillers.  Have a look at these before and after photos: 1. 2. 3.  In addition to taking away fine lines, and softening deep expression lines, acupuncture can also help you feel more balanced and energized due to the increased flow of chi in your body.

Photo provided by: Irish Health