Magical Oil

posted by Alanna Davey on 2012.03.27, under Anti-aging, Beauty, Food, LuvZ

About a month ago I was very privileged to learn about Argan oil and its amazing healing properties. It prevents wrinkles, softens and moisturizes skin, lips, and hair instantly, it makes scars disappear, and it heals skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis.

So I tried Essence of Argan which is 100% pure and comes from the highest quality fruit. For the last 4 weeks I have been using it on my face and neck, and I have noticed a smoother softer texture, and a more even tone.  The little acne scars I had on my chin  which were like little purple pits are almost invisible now, hooray!  And they have also smoothed out considerably.  Even better than that… I got IDed on the weekend when I bought wine:)

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Get Hollywood Hair

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.09.05, under Beauty

LuvZ | Goodie Summer Waves Rollers!   They sort of look like the little sponge ones I wore to bed when I was a kid, but instead of waking up with tight Shirley Temple locks, I get a softer sexier wave.  I roll them into my hair when it is half dry, and let my hair air dry.  When my hair is completely dry, I unroll the rollers, finger comb, and add a drop of smoothing cream for Hollywood hair.

Sunscreen: to Wear or Not to Wear?

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.06.24, under Beauty, Health

Like other creams we put on our face, the safety and efficacy of sunscreen is highly questionable.  The chemical blocks seep into our skin increasing our toxic burden and disrupting our hormones, not to mention most of the chemical blocks are also filled with ingredients on the “dirty dozen” list.  And the mineral blocks that use zinc and titanium nano-particals to physically block the sun claim to be safer, but might actually seep into our skin too.  So what the hell do you do to protect yourself from the sun safely?  Don’t forget we actually need the sun for vitamin D btw, so blocking it out entirely is not good either.  Check out these 9 truths before you read on.

The very best way to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays is to stay indoors or in full shade when the sun is the strongest between 10am and 4pm, and if you must be in the sun wear a huge hat, and long sleeved protective clothing made from linen, hemp, or another wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry.   But if you must wear a sunscreen because you have heard over and over again like myself, it can help reduce the signs of premature aging try something from Pure + Simple, they offer a range of different products that only use all natural ingredients, and an educated staff to help you make the right choice.  Personally I use their house brand on my face almost daily, and stay out of the sun as much as possible.


Organic Hair Care that Really is Organic!

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.06.06, under Beauty, Health, LuvZ

John Masters Organics are some of my favourite hair care products on the organic/all-natural hair care market- that truly is what it says it is.  Not like the other brands that try to trick you, by calling themselves natural while still containing at least a few of the top 17 most toxic ingredients used in the industry.

The line is quite extensive catering to all different hair types, and effective as well.  I personally love the Evening Primrose shampoo for dry hair, because it actually cleans my hair.  I can go three day without feeling greasy with John Masters shampoo, and only about two days with other all-natural lines I have tried.

If you eat organic, it is probably because you don’t want to ingest toxins through your food, but if you still use skincare, hair care, or cosmetics that are not natural or organic (for real) your body is absorbing chemicals through your skin.  Which just adds to your toxic burden.


Nude Review

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.06.02, under Beauty

Last time I checked in about Nude about a month ago I had just received the product.  To refresh your memory I purchased the cleansing oil, the hydrating mist, the age defense moisturizer and the replenishing nighttime oil.   I must admit it is a really nice product, the packaging is gorge, smells fab, has a great light feeling on the skin, and I can always feel good about using it because it’s pure.  In terms of the anti-aging effect of the serum, I did notice a softening of my laugh lines a little, and definitely an all over glow that is really nice, but that could also be the sunshine.

If I had to compare it against Dr. Hauschka or Jurlique I would say they are all pretty much created equal, all of them have the cleansing oils, rich night creams and anti-aging serums as well.  But in comparison to the chemical creams nothing natural will never measure up as far as I am concerned in terms of performance.  If you really want to reverse the signs of aging without chemicals,  your best bet is still facial exercises.