NotZ Milk

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.01.24, under Food, Health, NotZ

Today I have decided to write a more personal blog, about something I feel very passionate about and have personally experienced: the negative effects of dairy.  I am not a medical professional and although “knowing everything” does run in my family, I know I don’t really know everything…but I do know that if you can extrapolate and look at the cause and effect, then one can often begin to uncover the truth.   And  being pro-active is always better than being re-active.   So find out the facts here, here, and here, and start being pro-active about your health, or just to find out why I freaking HATE dairy so much.

My First NotZ

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.01.04, under Beauty, NotZ

When I was planning A styleZ Blog, I really wanted to have a little drama on the sight, because people love drama, right?  I was going to write a NotZ column, where I would take pictures of unassuming fashion criminals and rip them apart in the column.  However after talking to another editor at a luncheon over the holidays… where she told me that another magazine had ripped apart a women’s outfit,  and how she thought it was extremely distasteful.  I had to agree, and so I put the NotZ column to an early grave…until now.

It has been resurrected, only to recommend against certain products, due to their questionable safety, or negative effects on the body.  The product in question is: Rapidlash, it has been getting a huge amount of press all over the talk shows, mags, and on the blogs.   Yes, it does increase the growth of your eyelashes and eyebrows, but at what cost?

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