Eggplant Curry

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.04.21, under Food, Recipes


Honestly I’m willing to try it just because it looks so beautiful!  Teal blue, kelly green, and chartreuse go so well together.  Get the recipe here.



Girlscout Samoas

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.04.12, under Food, Recipes

These cookies are delicious, but the recipe is no easy feat.   So if you have the patience and love ooey gooey caramel and coconut, set an afternoon aside for baking, and wear you apron because you will not escape the kitchen unscathed.   Find the recipe here.

The Juice Tan

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.03.23, under Food, Health, Life, LuvZ, Recipes

We all know that tanning is not good for our skin, especially in tanning beds.  So thank-you Lora Krulak for addressing this problem- with a juice recipe chock full of carotene and chlorella.   I was like WTF when I first saw it?  And then is started to make total sense, a girlfriend of mine used to take carotene pills in university to give herself a glow- I always thought she was a little on the orange side.

Lora’s recipe is jam packed full of carotene and chlorella, and it is the combination of the two that  can boost your complexion from pasty to tanned from the inside out, without looking too orange.  Don’t expect to get as dark as Snooky, but if you are translucent or super pale now you will definitely get a healthy glow.   Find the recipe here.


Good Morning Protein Kick

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Call me monotonous, but from Monday to Friday everyday for brekki I have a mixed berry smoothie made with Hemp Pro 70.  It is my morning savior, without a hearty dose of protein in the morning I eat like a pig all day.  I can’t use whey protein, green pea protein is way to chalky, and I refuse to use soy.  So Hemp Pro 70 it is.   Better than it’s predecessor Hemp Pro 50 the 70 is soluble in water, which makes a super smooth drink.  If you are not a fan of the nutty taste of hemp try a squeeze of lemon to brighten it up.

My Everyday Brekki

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Men Like It Mashed

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.03.13, under Food, Recipes

You know the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and believe it or not our fave salads, quinoa, and lean meat doesn’t really do it for them!  One sure fire way to warm your man heart is with a nice fatty grilled steak, a small side of veggies, and these browned butter and sage mashed potatoes.

What you will need:

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