Happy Halloween

posted by Alanna Davey on 2010.10.31, under About

Happy Halloween everyone!!!   It’s one of my favourite made up holidays.  Tonight I’m dressing up for the fourth year in a row, as a school teacher.  I wanted to be Snookie, but couldn’t bring myself to get the spray tan:P

EQ3 Kicks it up a Notch

posted by Alanna Davey on 2010.10.31, under Home

Known for their modern budget furnishings, Canadian furniture veteran EQ3 has teamed up with international design houses.  With Alessi, Stelton, Pablo, and Design Stockholm House already under their belt, EQ3 promises even more international designers at stores across the country this November.

What I’m Wearing

posted by Alanna Davey on 2010.10.30, under Fashion, LuvZ

If you are going to the same Hallows Eve wedding as me, you might catch a glimpse of me wearing this sexy little number.  LuvZ this Izzy Camilleri cinched waist sheath dress embossed with a black on black leopard print.  It comes fully equipped with two hidden pockets, and a subtle tuck in the front, which is essential at a Portuguese wedding; the food never stops! And a little peep hole for some decolletage.

Even though I will not be in full costume tonight, the spirit of Halloween will be with me. I actually have a pair of cat ears that I might bring along, and bust out after a couple of vinho verdes.

On my feet I will be wearing the most comfortable killer heels I own, thanks Errol Arendz, my favourite South African fashion designer.  The one inch platform really helps to offset the 5 inch stacked wood heel. But I’m not going to lie, I added a little extra padding under the ball of my foot … so I can dance off the seafood buffet.

Why this pairing?

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Cash & Carry – Cool Mini Purse

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I’m not really sure how to describe it, and I know I have never seen anything like it.   It’s almost a change purse crossed with a fanny pack that you wear on your upper arm.

That aside, I do know that it’s functional.   This little clever invention carries my iphone, my lippy, and my mini wallet while I’m out shopping in Toronto, riding my bike, or dancing all night.  This purse is designed by Lidija Kolovrat, Bosnian born design super star who is taking her queues from a “philosophical and social world.”  Lidija ended up in Portugal where she launched the Kolovrat Concept Store, and started selling to local retailers like Stienbeisser, where I purchased my piece.

Lidija Kolovrat designs are not available in Canada yet, but the boys at Steinbeisser did tell me that they have a rep in Canada, so expect to see them on the shelves of a boutique close to you soon.  If you can’t wait, you can check out Lidija’s website to see where she sells across the globe. http://www.lidijakolovrat.org/

Photo by: Rob Kinghorn

1212 Toronto’s Luxury Furniture Destination

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Without a doubt Alexander Donovan has put together the most exciting collection of luxury furniture in Toronto!  If you have ever driven the Yonge Street strip between Rosedale station and Summerhill, you surely would have noticed the superbly curated windows.

Upon entering the store your eyes will be delighted by opulence, and pops of vibrant colour that you just cannot find anywhere else.  Donovan is most influenced by French design, but has an appreciation for all types.  He believes that “more is more” and “good design is all in the editing”. I could not agree more.  Although 1212 has a number of different faces, every vignette is polished with Donovan’s “Luxe Eclectic” style.  This is executed with pieces that exemplify good design and expert craftsmanship.

1212 Décor, 1212 Yonge St. Toronto 416.646.1234

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