IDS b.

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In case you missed the IDS this weekend, or just couldn’t bare to stand in a line-up one hundred people deep to have look at the Sibling Revelry booths…I snuck in early on Sunday morning to get some shots of the spaces with no one in them, the differences are astounding.

Unfortunately my pictures form the Dressler Brothers house didn’t translate so well… but I still LuvZ them, and their sustainable wood furniture.

LuvZ | the Richardson’s space, and how they elevated the three primary colours.

LuvZ | the Dixon’s space, it was OTT in a good way…wonder how long it took them to fold all of those paper cranes?

The Ta Trung’s surprised me with their SR booth, it was more about innovation than displaying their typical style.

IDS a.

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Toronto’s design week is on the up and up, it’s still only about 10% of NYC’s, but who’s counting.  I have really had a great time over the past few days at the offsite shows, the little cocktail receptions, and visiting the big IDS down at the Convention Centre.  Here are some of my favourite things at the 13th annual Interior Design Show,  in no particular order…

LuvZ | this mixed media chair, one of the first things that caught my eye Friday morning in the Studio North corner.

My FAVOURITE chair at the show is  by Shawn Place, it’s almost a modern take on a traditional amish dining chairs.   Believe it or not it is super comfortable, even without a cushion!

Countering Convention, Earth Inc. Swing Chair.  I can’t believe it’s made of Corian!

LuvZ | the styling at the Montauk booth, always a fan of cool colourful lamps.

I would never buy it, but the concept is cool:P

How sweet is this blanket from DWR?

One of the more eye catching booths in the Studio North section, by Greenwood Studio.

Simple, yet elegant hand tooled leather, at the New Caribbean Design Booth.

Cool, colourful lighting at Eurolite.

LuvZ | these hanging knit sculptures made be Lynn Jackson, would totally use them as a mobile in a modern nursery.

Another great booth… by Domison

Offsite Design b.

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Made has been one of my favourite stores to visit from the moment it opened it’s doors almost five years ago.   And has since become the number one source in Toronto for unique Canadian designed furniture and accessories.  Owners/Curators Shaun Moore and Julie Nicholson have literally carved a new niche for Canadian designers in the marketplace, bringing them from the fringe to the mainstream through a little bit of enthusiasm, and a lot of great talent.

Made’s “Made At Home” show is a must see, if you are exploring offsite.  They have doubled the size of their space for the event, and are displaying 50% of the pieces in a real apartment setting!

LuvZ | these little salt and pepper shakers!

Offsite Design a.

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I am abandoning my usual simple format for the rest of the week/weekend, becuase there is so much cool stuff at design week I would like to share with everyone!  Here are a few of my favourite things at the offsite location Bookhou.  The installation is called Capacity and was currated by Katherine Morley & Erin McCutcheon.

Fashion Transfusion

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Yesterday evening I attended the launch of Alfred Sung‘s new outdoor furniture line: Sung Outdoor, where I was introduced to the first ever Canadian outdoor  line that appeals to the style conscious!  The outdoor furniture industry has finally received the fashion transfusion it was crying out for, and for half the price of the international competitors- Bravo!

Sung’s affection for the tartan pattern inspired the Blackwatch Collection (above) which will be sold exclusively to the public this weekend at the IDS.   While the rest of the collections will be available through designers in the city, the Capri, Barcelona, and Blackwatch Collections will be available at The Bay this spring.

The Riviera Collection

The lovely Arren Williams modelling the Riviera Collection

LuvZ | The Mykonos Chaise Lounge

The Copenhagen Collection

LuvZ | The Paris Chair