Ring in Spring…

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.04.30, under Gifts, LuvZ

Finally, with this fabulous gold bobble.  Available at the Drake General Store, this retro glam bike bell will help keep you safer this spring and summer on the road if you’re a biker.


Not Your Royal Sapphire

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.04.28, under Accessories, Fashion, Gifts

With all the talk of the royal wedding going on, there has been even more talk about the eighties style sapphire diamond cluster ring given to Kate for her hand.  I LuvZ sapphires, which are also my birthstone, but you will NEVER see me hunting down a knock-off.  If you are feeling Royal and want a sapphire for yourself I recommend being inspired by the royals and not copying the ring verbatim.    Have a look at the stunning sapphire settings above, if you want something a little more unique.


Naturally Nude Skincare

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.04.26, under Anti-aging, Beauty, LuvZ

UK based eco company Nude sparked my interest when I read about their skincare products in O magazine, and you know when the big O gets behind something it has got to be good.   Not only does the line use organic and fair-trade ingredients as much as possible, the plastic capsule that the cream is housed in is ECO plastic too. I ordered the cleansing oil, the hydrating mist, the age defense moisturizer and the replenishing night time oil from Sephora…will let you know my results in a couple of weeks.


For the Cool Man in Your Life

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.04.25, under Fashion, Guys, Shoes

UPC boutique in Yorkville is the go to spot for men with in the city with uber style.   There are certainly a few pieces scattered throughout the city elsewhere,  but if the man in your life is into high-fashion UPC is full of hard to find labels and garb you just can’t find anywhere else!  Check out these Butterfly Soulfire spatflops, LuvZ them!


Happy Earth Day

posted by Alanna Davey on 2011.04.22, under LuvZ

Although April 22 is officially named Earth Day, we should really be celebrating our planet 365 days a year.   It feeds us, shelters us, and provides us with endless phenomenons.   It’s easy to forget that everything we have has come from the earth, and we can never give it back.  The more instant our life become the more we rape and pollute our planet.  This Earth Day make a little pledge to yourself and your earth, and really make an effort to try to reduce your consumption and carbon foot print.

Here are three simple things you can do to get started:

  1. Get a reusable coffee cup, there are so many great options available.
  2. Eat less meat, check out the carbon footprint of a cheeseburger here…it’s crazy!
  3. Learn what you can actually recycle in your city, between recycling and composting you should be able to cut your actual garbage down to a grocery bag every couple of weeks or less.