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Slowly but surly Dupont St. is being decorated by little boutiques and gift shops, that are bringing the trendy crowd north and the conservative crowd south. Pimlico is my fave new shop of the moment. It’s no wonder why…the store is perfectly stark white with a few simple shelves, which display the most colourful collection of gifts and tiny décor items for your home. I LuvZ the little dessert spoon set, a perfect conversation piece at a dinner party, or super fun for the kids anytime. Read full interview with Store Owner and Designer, Tanya Velasevic, after the break.

1. How long were you a designer, before you were a Store Owner?

I have been in the interior design field for over a decade. I hold a degree in art history as well as diploma in interior design.

2. What was the inspiration behind the departure?

I think of opening the store as a natural extension of my interior design business rather than departure. Sourcing design accessories and furniture for clients represents a large part of a designer’s job. It was always the most enjoyable part of my work and I decided to turn it into my full time job. I was also motivated by a desire to promote wonderful young designers whose work I admire.

3. How did you decide on the location?

I live close by, so I knew the area well and I thought it had great potential. Dupont Street is an extension of Designers Walk. It is a home to many well-established design stores and it felt like a natural place for my design gallery. The area has a distinct industrial feel and I like the juxtaposition of the old working class neighborhood and luxurious new homes. It creates great contrast and vibrant energy that is very inspiring.

4. If you can choose, who is your favourite designer in the store?

The designers I choose to represent at my store reflect my personal design aesthetics. They all produce work of tremendous beauty and functionality. I love Pierre Poussin‘s quirky furniture, Mondrian-inspired table lamps by Tahir Mahmood, the highly original hurricane lanterns by Timid Glass, Tracy John‘s retro glassware, ultramodern glass and ceramic products by Quebec design company A.J; Frederique Bonmatin‘s colourful ceramic, beautifully crafted side tables by Karel Aelterman…. I could go on indefinitely.

5. What makes Pimlico’s gifts so unique?

Pimlico Design Gallery showcases functional art – everyday objects that turn into pieces of art when not in use. They are one of a kind, innovative, produced in small quantities, yet very affordable. They represent a fresh and playful take on design accessories and furniture, as well as future collectibles that you can pass on to the next generation. Each object is carefully selected and has to satisfy three criteria: It has to be functional, affordable and visually stunning. A key ingredient of my concept is sourcing young talents whose work will be gaining recognition in the future. This way my clients have an opportunity to acquire exceptional design pieces at very competitive prices.

Pimlico Design Gallery   789 Dupont Street.

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